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VigRX Plus vs Extenze: Results You Can Trust with the #1 Male Enhancer!


Various male enhancement supplements are available in the market, and choosing the best among them is difficult. Nowadays, the demand for male enhancement supplements is increasing due to rising problems in male’s sexual life. Therefore, people are looking for products that can deliver effective results and improve their sex life. Because many untrusted companies are selling male enhancement products that are harmful and don’t show appropriate results.

So today, we are here to help you choose the best male enhancement dietary supplements. We researched and found two trustworthy male enhancement products, VigRX Plus and Extenze, popular amongst men. Now, we will review these products to help you understand and select the best supplement to boost sexual desire and potency.

What is the Best Male Enhancement Pill to stay hard?

Among numerous male enhancement products, there are two best male enhancement supplement pills to stay hard-

No. #1: Extenze-

It is considered one of the best male enhancement pills because it includes natural herbs scientifically proven to increase sexual pleasure, performance, and hard erections for men. A leading sexual

a health medical professional formulated Extenze to help improve your sexual life.

No. #2: VigRX Plus-

It is the world’s leading male enhancement supplement made with a scientifically engineered formulation. VigRX Plus is formulated after ten years of research on men’s reproductive health. It includes fresh and high-quality ingredients that improve men’s sexual health

Now, let’s learn about both of these formulations in detail.

#1. What is ExtenZe?

It is an all-natural and medically designed male sexual health enhancement supplement that increases your erect penis length. The expert health professional has formulated the Extenze formula to enhance pleasure and performance. Its fast-acting formula is effective and provides you maximum strength for a firm and harder erection. Extenze’s natural formula helps increase sperm count, and low testosterone, and increases blood flow to the penis through the blood vessels.

How does Extenze work?

Extenze male enhancement pills work to promote hard and big erections by increasing the blood flow to the three erectile chambers of the penis. In addition, it works to increase the strength of erections by improving blood flow to the penis.

It increases the duration and firmness of the erection. It includes natural ingredients that treat sexual issues such as erectile dysfunction, low libido, delayed ejaculation, etc.

What does ExtenZe do for a man? 

Extenze pills do various things for a man to improve his sexual life by adding multiple powerful ingredients to their formula. Its formula includes 15 ingredients that work to improve a man’s sex life.

  1. Niacin- It is one of the B vitamins, also known as nicotinic Acid.
    • It is added to the supplement to help improve erectile function in men.
    • Furthermore, it helps convert food into energy,
    • Reduce cholesterol levels, and
    • Boost brain function.
  2. Folic Acid- Also known as folate, it is a natural form of vitamin B9 and is added to Extenze’s formula.
    • This natural ingredient helps treat folic acid deficiency and produces healthy white and red blood cells.
    • Folic Acid helps to balance mood and support male fertility.
    • Moreover, it helps to maintain healthy sperm development and maturation.
  3. Velvet Bean Extract-
    • Also popularly known as Mucuna Pruriens, this herbal extract helps manage male infertility and treat nervous problems.
    • Studies revealed that Velvet beans extract boosts dopamine levels which can help boost testosterone male sex hormone and maintain a healthy male reproductive system.
    • Furthermore, its aphrodisiac qualities help to improve and boost cognitive function, memory, and mood.
  4. DHEA-
    • It is a powerful ingredient added to the Extenze formula that helps regulate estrogen levels and production of testosterone in men.
    • This ingredient aids in preventing erectile dysfunction and improving the erection process.
    • Moreover, this ingredient works to boost your sex drive and improve physical performance for better sex. 
  5. Maca
    • This ingredient is scientifically called Lepidium Meyenii, which helps maintain a healthy metabolism level.
    • Maca helps to reduce your body’s stress and increase energy for better physical performance.
    • It is added to the supplement because it has been shown to increase libido and improve male fertility.
    • Furthermore, it helps to increase endurance and treats erectile dysfunction.
    • Maca root helps improve cognitive function, sperm quality, and sexual function. 
  6. Cnidium Monnieri
    • It is a Chinese herb used in ayurvedic medicines because it can kill bacterial cells and reduce inflammation.
    • This Chinese fruit is added to the supplement because it can help treat low sex drive and improve sexual performance.
    • Cnidium Monnieri helps treat erectile dysfunction and improve skin conditions like eczema, ringworm, itchy skin, etc.
    • This libido booster also helps to increase energy and treat infertility. 
  7. Zinc
    • It is an essential nutrient that helps your metabolism and immune system function properly.
    • Zinc may help boost sperm motility and quantity in men, which leads to improved fertility.
    • In addition, this ingredient helps improve male reproductive health, speeds up wound healing, and reduces the risk of age-related diseases. 
  8. Pregnenolone- It is a hormone produced by the adrenal gland in the body naturally.
    • This hormone plays an essential role in steroid hormone production, such as estrogen and progesterone.
    • Moreover, it helps to reduce fatigue and improve cognitive function.
    • Some studies have shown that Pregnenolone improves your memory and learning skills. 
  9. Piper Longum Also known as Long Pepper.
    • It is added to Extenze’s formula because it is found beneficial in reducing anxiety and stress.
    • This ingredient also treats stomach-related problems such as constipation, gas, digestion, and appetite.
    • Piper Longum is also good for hair growth, cough, and asthma
  10. Yohimbe extract
    • This herbal ingredient works as an aphrodisiac to stimulate men’s sexual desires and enhance bedroom performance.
    • Yohimbe extract helps to improve erections and blood flow to the sexual organs.
    • Furthermore, this ingredient aid in weight loss by helping fight against stubborn fat and alleviate sexual dysfunction.
    • It can also help to improve your mental health and body composition. 
  11. Tribulus Terrestris- It is a fruit-producing plant used in traditional medicine to improve sexual function in men.
    • Some scientific evidence shows that Tribulus Terrestris increases sexual satisfaction and testosterone levels in men.
    • This natural ingredient also shows improvements in orgasms, erections, and overall performance.
    • Tribulus Terrestris provides other health benefits also such as reducing chest pain, treating skin and eye disorders, etc
  12. Horny Goat Weed-
    • As an aphrodisiac, Horny goat weed is added to Extenze’s formula to improve bone health and sex life.
    • It helps the body in nitric oxide transportation for encouraging the better flow of blood in the body, including penis blood vessels.
    • This ingredient can help reduce physical and mental fatigue.
    • Moreover, it helps lower blood pressure and improve heart health.
    • This traditional herb can also increase male hormone testosterone production in men. 
  13. Muira Puama Extract-
    • It is an herb grown in the Amazon and Brazilian regions that helps improve your muscle and nerve function.
    • Some research shows that Muira Puama extract is an aphrodisiac that helps increase men’s interest in sexual intercourse.
    • Some clinical studies revealed that this ingredient improved erectile function and sexual desire in men.
    • Furthermore, it helps relieve stress and improve brain health
  14. Astragalus-
    • This flowering plant is used in traditional Chinese medicine to help strengthen the immune system.
    • Astragalus added to Extenze’s formula works to improve adrenal glands, liver, and lung function.
    • This adaptogen also protects cells against damage and prevents fatigue.
    • In addition, it helps prevent infections, allergies, treat diabetes, and lower high blood pressure.
  15. L-Arginine Hydrochloride-
    • It is an essential amino acid required for making proteins and improving blood circulation.
    • This natural ingredient is used for male infertility, erectile issues, and heart conditions.
    • Furthermore, L-Arginine HCl lowers high blood sugar and blood pressure and increases endurance

Benefits of ExtenZe Pills

How to Use Extenze? 

Each box of Extenze contains 30 liquid gelcaps. You must take one gel capsule daily with water to increase pleasure and improve your sexual life. Add these male enhancement pills to your daily routine to get the maximum benefits. 

How long does it take for Extenze to start working? 

Extenze starts working for men after they take it continuously for two months. It will start showing changes in your erection size, orgasms, and performance after you take its dosage daily for eight continuous weeks. 

Click to learn more about Extenze from its Official Website.

#2. What is VigRX Plus?

It is a male enhancement supplement designed to improve men’s sexual fitness at any age. This natural product’s formula is scientifically tested and includes natural ingredients that are effective for improving sexual desires and orgasms. This doctor’s recommended product developed by Leading-Edge Health Company is clinically proven to boost sexual drive, satisfaction, and performance. This male enhancement product helps boost sexual vitality and deliver prolonged and harder erections.

How does VigRX Plus work?

VigRX Plus works to improve and boost your sexual performance with the help of aphrodisiacs, libido boosters, and erection precursors added to it. Its natural formula increases nitric oxide levels, which aids in relaxing the corpus cavernosa, the spongy tissue that runs through the length of the penis.

Furthermore, this supplement works to promote thicker penile erection by helping increase blood flow to the penis. It increases your sexual desire and improves your reproductive health by also helping you to increase testosterone production.

What does VigRX Plus do for a man? 

It includes 11 ingredients that work together and provide multiple benefits for a man. There are three ingredients common in VigRX Plus and Extenze (the purpose and benefits of which have already been discussed above):

  1. Horny goat wood,
  2. Muira Puama Bark Extract, and
  3. Tribulus Terrestris. 

Let’s see what more ingredients are added to this supplement and what they do for a man.

  1. Damiana- It is a wild shrub with yellow flowers native to Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central America.
    • It has been used as an aphrodisiac for years to make medicine because it can improve blood flow and oxygen to the penis.
    • Damiana helps prevent sexual difficulties like early ejaculation and boost mental and sexual stamina.
    • It also helps increase sexual arousal in men and lose weight.
    • This shrub is used in herbal medicines because it can help manage stress and provide sexual health support.
  2. Asian Red Ginseng-
    • It is a plant that grows in Asia that is helpful for immunity and erectile function.
    • Some studies show that Asian Red Ginseng improves your strength and physical performance and reduces fatigue.
    • In addition, this ginseng is found beneficial for increasing sperm production and improving erections, fertility, and sexual activity.
    • Some studies revealed that taking Asian Red Ginseng improves the quality of your life.
    • Another study revealed that Korean ginseng improves sleep, energy, sexual life, and well-being.
    • This ingredient also stimulates immune function, prevents cardiovascular disorders, and slows down the aging process.
    • This form of ginseng also helps manage diabetes and blood pressure. 
  3. Hawthorn Berry- These are small berries that grow on shrubs and trees with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.
    • Hawthorn berries are shown to enhance reproductive health and improve blood supply to the penis.
    • Hawthorn helps to prevent heart problems, lower high cholesterol levels, and boost immunity.
    • Some research reveals that Hawthorn berries help manage anxiety and stress.
  4. Catuaba Bark Extract- It is an herbal extract added to VigRX Plus because it can improve your sexual life and satisfaction.
    • Catuaba is shown to increase sexual arousal and desire and reduce nervousness.
    • It helps to treat sexual performance problems in men and works to reduce any stress, fatigue, and improve sleep which leads to better sexual functioning. 
  5. Saw Palmetto- It is a fruit extract of the Serenoa repens plant native to North America that is added to this male enhancement supplement.
    • Some research revealed that Saw Palmetto improves prostate health and increases testosterone levels in men.
    • It is one of the powerful ingredients added to VigRX Plus because it improves sperm production and sex drive and helps treat urinary tract problems.
    • Many Americans use this natural ingredient as a fertility booster and prostate health supporter
  6. Ginkgo Biloba
    • It is a traditional Chinese herb that has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.
    • This ingredient is beneficial for increasing blood supply to the nervous system and brain.
    • With increased blood flow, Ginkgo Biloba aids in enhancing erection quality, hardness, and duration.
    • Some studies show that this Chinese herb resolves common male sexual disorders in the bedroom by positively affecting your sexual excitement, orgasm, and desire.
    • It helps to prevent premature ejaculation, delayed ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, etc.
    • Furthermore, it helps men perform better sex by increasing blood flow to their genitals. 
  7. Bioperine- It is a patented piperine extract also used as a spice and is used in many herbal medicines.
    • Bioperine is added to VigRX Plus because it can increase other nutrient absorption and help reduce inflammation.
    • It increases neurotransmitter production to support and improve your mood and mental health
    • Moreover, it works to restore and boost your sexual stamina and desire.
    • Research revealed that Bioperine can boost testosterone levels and metabolism, enhance libido and performance, and boost cognitive function. 

 Benefits of VigRx Plus

How to Use? 

VigRX Plus, each supplement box contains 60 tablets, and it lasts for one month. You have to take one tablet, two times a day, with water. Take the tablets continuously for a few months to improve your libido and sexual life. 

How long does it take for VigRX Plus to start working? 

According to the manufacturer, this male virility supplement starts working and showing results within one or two months. However, the results vary from person to person, so it might start working late for some men. The manufacturer suggests that if you want fast and effective results perform male enhancement exercises and use VigRX oil with VigRX plus tablets.

Click to learn more about VigRX Plus from its Official Website.

 Comparison ExtenZe vs VigRX Plus

 ExtenzeVigRX Plus
PurposeFrequent erections, intense orgasms, and improve reproductive healthHarder and long-lasting erections, libido enhancer, and improve sexual function
  • 1 month supply- $49.95
  • 2 months’ supply- $89.95
  • 3 months’ supply- $124.95
  • 6 months’ supply- $249.95
  • 1 month supply- $69.952 months’ supply- $139.905 months’ supply- $209.85
ShippingFree shipping in the USAFree shipping in the USA
Guarantee60-days money-back guarantee67-days money-back guarantee
Dose1 capsule in a day2 capsules in a day
Where to Buy Male Enhancement Supplements?Click here to Buy Extenze from Official Website.Click here to Buy VigRX Plus from Official Website.

Conclusion: Which is Better, VigRX Plus or Extenze?

After carefully evaluating VigRX Plus and Extenze independently, we find they are among the most effective men’s sexual enhancement supplements one can ever find in today’s market. Both are natural products with powerful and natural ingredients that work effectively without causing any side effects.

Both VigRX Plus and ExtenZe are equally effective, as they don’t simply capture masculinity, but also assist in the treatment of male sexual health problems. According to your opinion, both stand on equal ground.

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